Taking a Time Out

 - - From 2013 - -

So October has started and it is well on it's way, and we are still in the middle of renovations. Rooms are coming together and they look fab, but it's just exhausting not really being "at home" in your own home.

Sooo. Here we are.

As you may have noticed, I have been offline for a while already. It just hasn't been very easy to find a few moments to write in between the kids and managing our home with contractors and workers parading in and around the house.  Although there are thoughts upon thoughts coupled with the eclectic musings dancing within the confines of my ruminating head.

So here I am officially letting you know that I just going to take a brief "time out" from my blog until further notice. Perhaps until the time my home is back in order, or perhaps even a bit sooner - but at least when I feel like I am able (and willing) to do so again.

Hopefully not for too long. I love writing on here.