Calling all parents to just say no...

...& 'yes' to judgement-free parenting!

Parenthood is not always easy and it is even more challenging when comparison and confusion whisper doubts regarding all the choices we make. I understand the impact our decisions can have on our children and that a certain level of concern is out of love for our kids!  But it can become immobilizing to live in shame and fear of the future. It keeps us from experiencing the goodness and beauty that also live in this season!

Whenever I wrestle with feelings of 'bad mom' guilt, I am ever so grateful to a God who reminds me of so many many times. He often replaces the lies of failure with truth: "I made you and I made your child. I gave this child to you, and trust me, I would do it all over again." It is this gift He offers to me: to surrender and leave the decisions I make - in life and with my children - to Him!

So sometimes we will live in survival mode and sometimes we will enjoy the kodak moments. Sometimes we will hit bumps in the road and we will fall but I encourage you to not stay there. Let's get back up again and learn and figure this out together. I am ever so grateful to my grace filled community, for the encouragement they give and for the honest and open conversations we've had. Grateful for the freedom to choose and love on our families!

Here's to doing the best we can and asking God to make up the rest.

Posted by CT Working Moms on Friday, October 30, 2015